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NICOLE WATT {mahlimae}


Nicole is an internationally exhibited self-taught mixed media sculpture artist living and creating in the wilderness of Southern Tasmania, Australia.  Her exquisitely simplistic and emotionally driven characters blossom from a world long forgotten; a world hidden in the shadows of imagination where the wind blows wild, the trees groan with ancient secrets born from the whispers of the ancestors. 

Finding inspiration in ancient ritual and ancestral folklore, Nicole's melancholic words take you on a compelling dreamlike journey into the darkness and light of human nature, drawing you in closer to explore the stories hidden within their subtle and fragile expressions. Each piece is carefully hand sculpted using stone clay, gathered natural materials and tattered hand-dyed textiles. The final works are pulled together by a common theme of possibility, a longing for connection, and an aim to intrigue. 

"I don't believe it is possible to experience a full and rich life without

immersing yourself in the energy of magic, of limitless possibility.

I have always dreamed of lifting the veil off this world to expose another, one parallel to ours which we have all probably sensed at some point yet been unable to see clearly..."
excerpt from an interview with Circus Living






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