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The wolves will always call you back

The wolves will always call you back


You can run all you want but in the light of the moon,

the wolves will always call you back...


Height: 16.5cm

Materials: stone clay, moonstone, suri alpaca fibres, merino wool, rabbit fur, botanical dyed cotton, Thylogale billardierii tooth



Please note this is a sculpture for display purposes only; this piece is not poseable nor suitable for children. See Care Instructions for more information.



Images + designs © mahlimae 2021 copyright not transferable with sale

  • Shipping

    ⥉ Your Echo will be carefully packaged and shipped within 3-4 days of payment clearing. 
    Please ensure you have explored any additional taxes or customs charges your country may impose, as these will be at an additional cost to you. 

  • Care Instructions

    ⥉ Echoes are sculptures, art dolls of sorts. They are delicate in their constitution and purely ornamental in their design; they are not poseable. Their clothing is not intended to be removed, in fact they are likely to become quite oppositional should you attempt to remove their garments.
    ⥉ Many collectors find glass domes or bell jars make wonderful homes for their Echoes to keep them safe from dust, moisture and curious little hands. To ensure your Echo remains loyal to you for many moons to come, we suggest you keep their handling to a minimum, speak gently at all times and provide them with a quiet nook out of direct sunlight on which to observe the goings on from afar.
    ⥉ As they are adorned in natural fibres, wool, fur and textiles I highly recommend appropriate protection against moths + carpet beetles is employed in your home (or just their vicinity) to avoid damage to your collection.

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