the essence of madness...

March 15, 2016

If only one could peel back the bruised skin of reality and retreat into the warm oblivion of childhood once again; or perhaps therein lies the essence of madness.


I am 37 years of age; the older I grow, the more I realise the stark reality which inevitably accompanies adulthood isn't for me. I can't help but feel bruised from the goings on in our world...the harshness...the indifference...the greed...the consumerism.

When creating this piece (which is actually a small part of an assemblage), I was also listening to the sounds of my children playing among the trees outside my studio. As my hands worked, my mind wandered to that cocoon from reality that was my childhood; the time when only ones imagination could dictate the boundaries of possibility and the promise of adventures lingered in the air. 

The thought of retreating back to this time appeals immensely, yet all too often I see those who embrace the child-like element of themselves labelled and shunned by those presumably incapable or afraid to do so.

Given my previous profession, I am also very aware of the darkness that childhood holds for many innocents and how the shadows of adulthood can seep in without invitation. Perhaps this is what I aim to capture in this piece, the dualism present in the universal passing through one's imaginative soul nurtured through this process or devoured?


{Full piece can be viewed as a part of a four person show at BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne opening August 20th}

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