everlasting gift of the feminine

July 5, 2016

At some moment in time, amid the sleepless hazy days following the birth of my first child, within the clutter of confusing literature I found myself surrounded by, I remembered reading a quote...this quote: 


"The moment a child is born, the Mother is also born. 

She never existed before. 

The Woman existed, but the Mother never." 


I recall sitting with those words for quite some time, my gaze drifting across my sleeping babe's face and back to the page again. It hit me then...it wasn't just love for this tiny person that ran like fire through my veins; it was as if at the hand of alchemy, I had been transformed. I was never again to be as I was before. I had given life and would forever more be tied to this soul which my body had brought from the spiritual realm onto this earth. 
I knew that eventually time would call upon me to be fiercely protective like the mother wolf; selfless yet nurturing, wise such as the crone; eternally bending to shelter her from storms as the willow tree. 



the feminine...

the Mother.


More recently, eight years since that moment in fact, I was humbled by an invitation to take part in a Beautiful.Bizarre curated group exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in the US titled "Femme to Femme Fatale: The Feminine in Contemporary Art" which opens this September. The theme running through this show is incredibly empowering as is the strong line up of female contemporary artists taking part (in addition to some wonderful male talent I should add), and admittedly, I was somewhat paralyzed when pondering the enormity of the task ahead...capturing the essence of 'SHE'...until I drew a deep breath and looked within.



Whilst I would love to elaborate further on my concept here, alas I cannot as yet as I have intimated all I can for the time being. What I can share, is a rare early work in progress photograph captured whilst she is still porcelain white prior to painting and without the planned additions. This piece is very personal, it's intimate and bare, stripped back as far as possible to ensure the gentle murmurs of their voices are heard.

More will be revealed in time...


Femme to Femme Fatale: The Feminine in Contemporary Art opens September 17th at Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA. To receive the Collectors Preview, email Gallery Director Kim Larson via kim@moderneden.com



I thought it fitting I end with a photo of my two girls; their incredible little souls, forever braided with mine, continue to shape the woman...and Mother...I am in ways I never dreamed possible. 

It is a great gift to receive.

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