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December 30, 2016


It is school holidays in our home at the moment which always means busy times; lots of cooking, lego construction, cubby house building, lizard catching and all-round mischief, but I've also noticed much to my dismay, that the lure of the electronic devices is particularly strong for my girls at this time. In my very best attempt to counter the temptation of Super Mario in a moment of down time recently, I decided to share an experience with Miss 6 and Miss 8 which I usually reserve for myself on the last new moon of the year.

For us in the Southern Hemisphere (as south as you can get in my case) it is the final flourish of greenery and abundance resulting from the spring rains before the harsh summer sun begins to desaturate the palette of the landscape and test the reserves of the slender saplings naive to the harshness of the coming season.  

So off we went, knife and basket in hand, topics of moon phases, cultural differences, the why's and what's of the old ways upon our lips, to gather and harvest herbs and leaves for the smudge sticks of the new year. For the stock of the coming year, we chose rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, sage, lavender and blackberry. Whilst the wrapping element proved challenging for their tiny hands with the larger bundles, the girls took fondly to the task to the design of their own tiny smudges and laying out the contents according to their properties. 

All in all it was a very enriching experience for all three of us. Some adventure was had, some knowledge was passed down and an ordinarily solitary task was accomplished with three times the love.      


Mum 1 _ Technology 0 




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