Spiritwoods : unveiling the next layer

February 7, 2017

For a great many years now I have been living with the trees. The forest is the place where I retreat to be silent, to seek, to be healed, to desire, to be inspired, to be soothed and to give in return.

For me, there is nothing akin to breathing that gives me life like lying on my back in the damp moss, looking up at the slithers of clouds passing through the swaying trees tops listening to the whispers of the woods. The undeniably powerful energy absorbed in these times of solitude has long be a source of impetus for my sculptural works as well as the ritual surrounding their creation. 


It has certainly taken some time for me to come to terms with sharing this very personal element of myself publicly and I have a great many people to thank for propelling me along the way and a great many of you to thank for embracing it. That being said, there are many layers of my world I have yet to share. Although many are sacred and will forever remain with me, the timing is right for me now to unveil an undertaking which is deeply entwined with my surroundings and my passion for reconnecting those who need it, with a little piece of the untamed wilds of the south they can call their own.

Spiritwoods is the name I have bestowed on this range, which upon its introductory release, will offer eight (8) products I have hand crafted using proprietary blends of sustainable and natural ingredients : wildcrafted or certified organically sourced when possible,

Unisex + Vegan.

I have established a sparkly new Instagram account for Spiritwoods which can be found here, which will begin to blossom as I unveil more about my processes, ingredients, product inspiration and sneak peeks. In addition to the information on my website, you can always stay updated with release dates for my sculptural works and new botanical offerings by subscribing to my mailing list



Many thanks for sharing this adventure with me, I am truly looking forward to sharing this next step with you.

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