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Xylomancy is a collection inspired by the primitive practise of tree worship, in which divine guidance is sought in the patterns of twigs and branches fallen from sacred groves.


From the earliest times, omens hidden in the natural world have been found by humankind, stemming from the inner conviction that everything has meaning, nothing is inanimate and everything is interconnected. I believe that this reverence for nature has largely been lost among the masses as we continue to actively rewrite our story as one of supremacy, dominion and exploitation, culminating in the Great Forgetting. This collection consists of works that are intended to reawaken the stories of the past, spark distant memories within the audience and ignite their ancestral connection to a time when we viewed all that surrounds us as sentient and respected it as such.

Within the core of each sculpture lie the ashes of fallen trees from last year's fires around my home in Tasmania, representing a cycle of death and rebirth that is stored within the heart and circulates through the veins of each piece, carrying a message of hope : there is still time to remember, there is still time to rewrite our story.  

The Xylomancer

Materials : stone clay, tourmalinated quartz, carved driftwood, rosaceae rubus thorns, ashes

Size : 18cm from bottom to head - 
sitting. This piece is jointed though not fully poseable


The Pythia 

Materials : stone clay, hand blown glass, Icelandic wool, carved Lagarostrobos franklinii timber, wire, ashes

Size : 13.5cm from bottom to head 
- sitting. This piece is jointed though not fully poseable


The Guide 

Materials : stone clay, baltic amber, mulberry paper, silk thread, ashes

Size : 16 x 13cm - this piece is jointed though not fully poseable


The Harbinger 

Materials : stone clay, rutilated quartz, Icelandic wool, Australian merino wool, suri alpaca fibre, plant dyed textiles, Cassinia aculeata twigs, ashes

Size : 16.5cm